Carolina Gardens

Your grandmother’s hollyhocks
Plus Garden To-Do's for August and September
Lost harvest
Plus Garden To-Do's for June and July
Daylily nights
Plus Garden To-Do's for April and May
Lunar Magic
Planting by the moon is no passing phase
Garden Décor
How to go with what you love (without going overboard)
Pretty Spiderworts
They also are deer-resistant and will bloom from spring into the summer
Poaching is Illegal
In North Carolina, you can go to jail if you steal pine straw, Venus flytraps, wild ginseng and many other protected wild plants
Poisonous Plants
Getting rid of harmful ivy, oak and sumac in your yard
The Barefoot feeder
How to make a Nyjer or thistle seed feeder
Grow for it!
Tips and tricks for home gardeners this spring