Carolina Stories

Top Dog: North Carolina’s Tale of the Coyote
Like it or not, coyotes seem to love it here as much as we do
The Portsmouth Life-saving Station
An excerpt from a new illustrated history book about the southern Outer Banks.
Season’s Eatings
North Carolina specialty foods for the holidays
Where girls and horses come for stability & healing
At a certain age, girls seem to develop an affection for horses. And given the chance, it’s likely that horses return the love.
How my Mama cared for two families
Her young brother and sister from the orphanage, and her own four children
North Carolina braces for avian flu
If there’s an outbreak, it won’t affect eggs and meat, but flocks and farmers could suffer.
A deer in the headlights = Trouble on the highway
Vehicle collisions with deer are becoming more common. Drive carefully during the late fall mating season.