Carolina Stories

Places to Play

Treehouses, playhouses & forts

On Guard

Guard animals on assignment to protect herds from coyotes

Shocking news

In 1978, four Rowan County men were electrocuted when they were not watching what they were doing.

How I healed

Rose Turner tells what happened after an auto accident left her paralyzed from the neck down.

How to avoid scalding a child

Advice from the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center

Buddy Melvin’s Treehouse

17 years, 16 rooms, 12,000 square feet “for the fellas to hang out.”

Aspire to college

Students in rural North Carolina can get help preparing for standardized college tests

The East Bend School Fire

The Yadkin County community of East Bend learned some lessons after the beloved school burned down

The final blows

See sites where the Civil War wound down in North Carolina 150 years ago this month

Carolina Country Scenes 2015

A gallery of your favorite photos

Diane Price of Mollies Branch

Her gardens, livestock, medical care, worldwide volunteerism and writing

To make an impression

Students and their parents remember this teacher.

Electric Rider

A fast motorcycle without the emissions or the noise

50 Years of Bob McDuffie

A leader in “the best program that serves this country”

Thank the hardworking bees

From apples to zucchini and honey, too

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