Feature Stories

All in the Family

Century Farms celebrate North Carolina’s agricultural heritage

Outlets: The Ins and Outs

An illustrated guide to electric power receptacles

Buddy Melvin’s Treehouse

17 years, 16 rooms, 12,000 square feet “for the fellas to hang out.”

On to the Future

North Carolina’s electric cooperative leaders in April embrace new ideas for leading communities into the future

Upgrade and Save

Running old, inefficient appliances may cost you more than you think

No small feet

Freaker USA brings sock manufacturing back to North Carolina

Keeping Wildlife Wild

Attract and enjoy watching animals while helping them remain wild

What is a Transformer?

An illustrated guide

Aspire to college

Students in rural North Carolina can get help preparing for standardized college tests

The Well-Lit Deck

Quality lighting enhances outdoor time after sundown

No trespassing

There are ways to deter vandalism on your farm

Places to Play

Treehouses, playhouses & forts

On Guard

Guard animals on assignment to protect herds from coyotes

See Through

The character, comfort and costs of your windows

Back-Up Power

A buyer's guide to residential standby generators

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