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Heat illnesses

How to recognize and treat heat-related conditions

Our mad plaid state shell

It’s rare, but it’s there on our shores

Get the kids outdoors

Children who play outside are in better shape, more creative, less aggressive and show better concentration than those who don’t

How old is the wiring in your home?

Easy upgrades can boost electrical safety in older homes

Need help filing your tax return?

Trained volunteers statewide offer free services to help to low and moderate income households prepare federal and state income tax returns

Savings options for education expenses

Savings options for education expenses

Preparing now will help you handle college costs later

How to identify tree hazards

Recognizing basic hazards in your trees can protect you and others from loss

Lower humidity to lower your electric bill

Reducing moisture improves comfort and allows higher temp setting

A beloved steam locomotive comes home

The public can ride New Hope Valley Railway on the first Sunday of each month, starting in April

Canine care

Proper dog training prevents behavior problems

When babies graduate to solid foods

Look for healthy options as you expand your baby’s diet

Keeping it comfy

Covering your pool reduces heat loss and your power bill

Withdrawing money after retirement

How much is enough to make your money last?

Drive responsibly and avoid the fines

Keeping North Carolina’s roads safe is the goal of the Highway Patrol

Mom, Dad, I’m bored!

Craft projects help kids explore their creativity

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