Carolina Living

Making your home smarter

New apps let you control your home’s systems from just about anywhere

Draft dodgers

Weatherstripping keeps your home cozy

Vibrant contrasts

Remodeled kitchens sizzle with bursts of bold color

Kids rooms that ‘grow’

Choose flexible furnishings that can transition with your child

Do you have outdated appliances?

Saying goodbye to them can lower your power bills

Waste not

You can recycle construction debris

Discarded electronics

The mounting volume of waste prompts action on taking it back

Invest in your health

Stay fit to avoid higher medical costs in retirement

Hen housing

Researchers are exploring different systems

Good-for-you grilling

Whether in kabobs or a la carte, tofu can party with best of ’em

Ideas for Day Two turkey

Nutritional ways to take leftovers beyond a sandwich

Greener food shopping

Tips for being an eco-conscious consumer

‘Winterizing’ pets

Like people, critters need increased care as the mercury drops

Creating a fertility plan

Key factors include open conversations and knowing your cycle

Prepping for college

Plan ways to save money before moving to a dorm

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