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Heat a room from the floor up
Uniform heat distribution is one advantage of under-floor radiant heating
Seniors on the road
It’s important to express your concern for their safety
Dispelling common myths about CFLs
Efficient options include dimmers, new designs
Fright night
Don’t let electrical hazards haunt your Halloween
Renters insurance
Policies protect possessions and provide peace of mind
A colorful roof for all seasons
Native mosses on this roof tolerate full sun, weather extremes and control storm water runoff
Precautions can prevent accidents
Don’t overlook dangers of common household appliances
Watching over your nest egg
Focus on the future during market ups and downs
Safe appliances, outlets and alarms
Keeping your appliances clean and testing your alarms and outlets helps keep your house safe
Healthier choices
School lunches get a nutritional makeover