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Affordable water-saving shower devices

Needle spray water tends to cool off before it reaches your body, so you might use more hot water

Boning up

Calcium-rich diet and exercise are key to preventing osteoporosis

Electrical safety

Take care when working on DIY home projects

Frugal fun

Pack savings into your vacations

Heat illnesses

How to recognize and treat heat-related conditions

Choosing an HVAC contractor

What to look for and expect

Bullying at school

Recognize signs, involve others

Long-term care

Make plans before they are needed

Boating and marina safety

Boating and marina safety

New resources help boaters avoid electrical dangers

Savings options for education expenses

Savings options for education expenses

Preparing now will help you handle college costs later

Pest prevention

Don’t ‘fall behind’ in protecting home against unwanted critters

Take care of mold before it turns ugly

How to recognize and treat the fungus

Low-cost makeover

Painting cabinets in the kitchen and bath

Back to school

Stay hardy with nutritious food and good hygiene

When babies graduate to solid foods

Look for healthy options as you expand your baby’s diet

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