Financial Resources

Financial Resources

Need financial assistance or debt relief but not sure who best to contact about it? Or perhaps you are a social worker, minister or family counselor who wants to give someone the best possible resources for their particular problem. CareConnect USA, based in Waxhaw, is a public benefit organization that publishes and distributes free reference guides with lists of vetted help lines for families. The guides include phone numbers for topics such as bankruptcy advice, ID theft, mortgage payment and child-care subsidies. Director David Moakler, a Union Power member, says CareConnect USA carefully vets the service providers and agencies before allowing them in its network of help lines. Its website also provides other helpful information such as how to stretch your dollars. You can download the free reference guide in several formats (including two sizes for dayplanners) or order multiple handouts free from the website below.

(800) 291-1068

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