2015 North Carolina Travel Guide - Carolina Country

2015 Travel Guide


From one end to the other, North Carolina is about as diverse as any state in the nation. We've got hard gemstones in the west, soft crabs on the coast and red clay in the middle. The tobacco we grow in the mountains is different than what we grow in the east. What we live in, how we drive, what we eat and how we talk varies from one region to another.

Our annual Touchstone Energy Travel Guide encourages you to experience this variety firsthand.

This year, we offer you six guides to Carolina Country Adventures. Learn about the Blue Ridge Music Trails, Burke County’s Southern charm, where to see butterflies and where to eat, green travel and the Brunswick Islands. The adventures may be familiar to you, or they may not. In any case, each holds the promise for a lot of travel fun.

As you make your way through this guide and through the countryside, you can be assured that a Touchstone Energy cooperative is nearby.

Old-time jam sessions

Along the Blue Ridge Music Trails

Peace for the soul

The Brunswick Islands welcome generations of travelers

Nature, history and mystery

Burke County offers all with a serving of Southern charm

A Carolina Country Tasting Trail

A selection of recipes from some of North Carolina’s adventurous food experts

Where the Butterflies Are

Beguiling beauties of the sky are bountiful at these sites

Green on the go

NC GreenTravel lists an enticing array of eco-friendly destinations