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Where in Carolina Country is This?

April 2022
April 2022

The April “Where Is This” photo by Carolina Country’s Senior Associate Editor Renee Gannon featured a set of metal cows standing guard outside of the Ashe County Cheese factory on Main Street in downtown West Jefferson, across from the company’s cheese and gift shop. Formerly known as Kraft Cheese, the plant has been a West Jefferson staple since 1930. Many readers noted the three Holstein cows are 5,000-gallon milk storage tanks. Others added that local Ashe County High School students built the cows, which were designed by artist Steven Willingham. Sandy McNeill fondly recalls riding the “milk route” with her father, who hauled milk in 5- and 10-gallon metal cans to the plant. Submissions for this photo broke a record, with more than 1,300 correct answers from across the state. The winning entry chosen at random from all correct submissions came from Sherri Bryant of Enfield, a Halifax EMC member.

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