August 2016 - Carolina Country

Where in Carolina Country is This?

August 2016
August 2016

The August Where is This photo taken by Renee Gannon features two familiar icons, Scoop and Dip, who reside in the parking lot of the Calabash Creamery on Highway 179 in Calabash. More than 600 readers recognized the photo, so it seems Calabash is also known for this local homemade ice cream spot as well as its seafood restaurants. Many expressed delight in sitting in the rocking chairs on the creamery’s front porch, enjoying “pure bliss” in a cone (the “sunset peach” mentioned quite often in the responses). The shop’s wide variety of flavors and its player piano ranked high with readers, as did family photo ops with the cow and calf. The winning entry chosen at random from all the correct submissions came from Union Power Cooperative member Gary Layden of Mint Hill.

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