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Finest Ice Cream Shop

The Berry Patch

By Leah Chester-Davis

Finest Ice Cream Shop

Mollie Tobias Photography

351 Cargo Road, Ellerbe | 910-652-3276

From chocolate toasted almond and cherry vanilla to fruit blast and pistachio, ice cream from the strawberry-shaped Berry Patch was voted favorite "Ice Cream Shop" in our annual Carolina's Finest contest!

The Berry Patch, located in Ellerbe and served by Pee Dee Electric, has long boasted its claim to fame as home to the world’s largest strawberry. (That’s thanks to its ice cream shop, which is in the shape of that favorite springtime fruit.) No doubt, it is eye-catching from the highway, but it’s the delicious ice cream that has folks stopping to choose from more than 20 homemade flavors. Owners Amy and Lee Berry (pictured, opposite page), make both strawberry and peach from their farm‑fresh fruit. We received pages of nominations for this fruit-inspired destination.

Everything about it is wonderful! It’s like going on vacation!

—Wanda Ussery, Rockingham, a member of Pee Dee Electric

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