Winter Planting

January and February are opportune months to plant evergreen and deciduous flowering shrubs. Plant them sooner rather than later to improve their chances for survival and healthy growth. This includes roses, camellias and azaleas.

Do a good job planting and you will have better plants with less trouble later. Dig a big hole, at least 6 inches wider than burlapped plants. Add plenty of peat moss or other organic matter, as well as super phosphate, and mix into the soil. Set plants at a proper depth, usually the same depth at which they grew in the nursery. Press to firm the soil around the plant. When setting new plants, it's a good idea to mound a rim of soil around the edge of the hole to retain water. Watering at planting time will unite roots with nearby soil, encouraging roots to become well-established. Keep your new plants watered during their first summer.

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