North Carolina Garden tips for March - Carolina Country

March Gardens

Gardening blunders

Avoid mistakes by learning from your ‘foregardeners’

Lunar Magic

Planting by the moon is no passing phase

Garden Décor

How to go with what you love (without going overboard)

Pretty Spiderworts

They also are deer-resistant and will bloom from spring into the summer

Poaching is Illegal

In North Carolina, you can go to jail if you steal pine straw, Venus flytraps, wild ginseng and many other protected wild plants

Poisonous Plants

Getting rid of harmful ivy, oak and sumac in your yard

The Barefoot feeder

How to make a Nyjer or thistle seed feeder

Grow for it!

Tips and tricks for home gardeners this spring

Extending the Growing Season

Greenhouses allow for a variety of fresh produce and flowers year-round

Black magic plastic

A layer of plastic film helps soil warm up to spring plantings

Paths of enlightenment

Well-planned paths add beauty and a good way to get to your garden

Bring in the butterflies

You can attract light, bright fliers by offering to feed them and their young crawlers

Tomato troubles

Why your tomatoes may not put on their best face, and what to do about it

Hot peppers

Edible and ornamental, they spice up your life

Planting a tree

Consider its purpose, plant it properly