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Spotlight on Native Plant Society

If you've wondered about the identify of beautiful roadside flowers or dainty wildflowers that pop up in the woods in spring, the N.C. Native Plant Society has an outstanding photo gallery that can help solve the mystery. A recent addition to the society's Web site ( is an extraordinary photo gallery of native orchids. Among many other admirable activities, the society conducts native plant rescues statewide in cooperation with government agencies, landowners and developers in an effort to save native plants that would otherwise be lost to construction and development. Some of these plants are donated to conservation organizations, while many lucky volunteer diggers go home with plants for their own gardens—it's a legal, responsible way to obtain native plants that are uncommon or nonexistent in the retail trade. A recent plant rescue netted a smorgasbord of natives, including yellowroot, Carolina lily, club moss, Solomon's seal, Jack-in-the-pulpit, fringe tree, pinxter azalea, wild ginger, coral honeysuckle and many species of fern. To learn more about the Society's mission and how to join, visit

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