October 2011 - Carolina Country

October 2011

October 2011

Feature Stories

When Hurricane Irene Ravaged Eastern North Carolina

The worst hurricane in eight years knocked out power to 239,900 electric cooperative services

Rising From the Red Clay

The art of Senora Lynch pays tribute to her Haliwa-Saponi community

Global Connections

Electric cooperatives make an impact at home and abroad.


An autumn tradition at Presbyterian churches in Robeson and Hoke counties


First Person

Rage, Loss and Recovery

By Michael E.C. Gery

More Power

Try This!

Fuel cell technology is evolving but
still costly

I Remember

Pappy's molasses boiling


The ghost under the hood

Annie, Annie Over

Your Energy, Your Future

All About Radiant Barriers

Learn how they work before you invest

Replace your refrigerator using the four Cs

Is it time?

Hear, hear!

Devices help young and old with hearing loss

Seeding in fall helps heat-damaged yards

With some time, patience and work, you can get your yard back in order

A complete system for preventing lightning damage

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