Light displays are changing to LEDs

Light displays are changing to LEDs

It looks like more holiday light shows are using LEDS to save energy. All the lights at the Carolina Christmas show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway are LEDs. The High Country Lights display in Ennice has been converting its incandescent mini lights to LED-based technology, and all of Denton FarmPark's show lights are slated to be replaced with LED lights within two years.

"We support the FarmPark's efforts in changing over to LED bulbs. They give a little different light — a glow," says Keith Wingler, business development manager for EnergyUnited, the electric co-op serving the Denton area. "The incandescent bulb burns a filament so you will see a difference." Wingler also points out that LED bulbs generate less heat, which reduces the risk of fire.

Also, more operators are energy savvy in designing their displays. For example, the creators behind the Lake Myra Light Display in Wendell keep their power bill down by running a large portion of the display at 70 percent of full brightness, a difference imperceptible to most people.

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