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Grilled Cinnamon French Toast

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Grilled Cinnamon French Toast


  • ¾  cup milk
  • 1  egg
  • 1  teaspoon cinnamon
  • 4  slices whole-grain nut bread
  • ¼  cup granola, for garnish
Strawberry-Banana Sauce
  • ½  cup orange juice
  • ¼  cup light brown sugar
  • 2  tablespoons butter
  • 1  teaspoon vanilla
  • 1  cup strawberries, sliced
  • 1  banana, thinly sliced


  1. In a shallow bowl, whisk together milk, egg and cinnamon. Dip slices of bread into milk mixture and cook 2 minutes on each side over medium heat on flat griddle or grill, or until golden brown.

  2. Top French toast with strawberry- banana sauce and granola.

For Strawberry-Banana Sauce
  1. In saucepan, stir together orange juice, brown sugar, butter, vanilla, strawberries and banana. Simmer over medium heat 5–6 minutes, or until flavors have combined, stirring occasionally.

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