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Blue Marlin

A novella by Lee Smith

Blue Marlin

New York Times best-selling author Lee Smith brings her storytelling magic to this semi-autobiographical novella that follows the always-curious 13-year-old Jenny.

After the discovery of her father’s illicit affair with a mysterious local artist, Jenny is sent off to live with her church-going cousins while her parents attempt to recover their marriage. Then her father proposes a family vacation down to Key West. At the Blue Marlin Motel, Jenny, her beautiful mother, and chastened father share their stay with movie stars in town to film “Operation Petticoat.” Jenny is a bit of a sleuth, so her observations to uncover the secrets of stars such as Tony Curtis also end up revealing the secrets of her own fractured family. Jenny confronts the frailty of family life while vying for the attention of actor Tony Curtis and a role in his movie. The author delivers wry humor and honesty to her flawed characters with Southern dignity. She lives in Hillsborough.

123 pages, softcover, $15.95; e-book, $13.99.

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