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The Workboats of Core Sound

The Workboats of Core Sound

Along the wide waters of eastern North Carolina, the people of many scattered villages separated by creeks, marshes, and rivers depend on shallow-water boats, both for their livelihoods as fishermen and to maintain outside connections. The rich history of these hand-built wooden fishing boats and the communities they serve lie at the heart of author and photographer Lawrence S. Earley’s new book of essays, interviews and photographs. Including nearly 100 of his own striking duotones, Earley shows that each workboat has stories to tell, of boatbuilders and fishermen and family members, and brings to life a changing and challenged culture. Earley lives in Raleigh. “The Workboats of Core Sound Stories and Photographs of a Changing World” is 176 pages and sells for $35 (hardcover or e-book).

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