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Well, shut my mouth!

Well, shut my mouth!

This cookbook serves up recipes from the Sweet Potatoes Restaurant, recipes gleaned from the families of chef Stephanie Tyson, the book's author, and restaurant co-owner Vivian Joiner. The recipes' names whet one's appetite, such as Sweet Potato, Corn, and Country Ham Risotto; Gullah Shrimp and Crab Pilau; Slow Cooker Chocolate Stout Pot Roast; Down-Home 'Tata Salad; Molasses Dijon Dressing; and Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Pecan Crunch Topping. Most recipes include a bit of flavorful commentary from Tyson, such as this definition: "Cracklings are deep-fried crispy skins of various animals — in this case, pork." The cookbook also relates the history of the two women who started the nationally acclaimed restaurant in Winston-Salem. In creating the recipes, Tyson used all of her influences: Geechee flavor from Joiner's father, who was from the Hilton Head area of South Carolina; her mother's working-woman "out of the can and into the pan" shortcuts; her culinary arts training at Baltimore International College and work at other restaurants. "Well, Shut My Mouth! The Sweet Potatoes Restaurant Cookbook" is published by John F. Blair, Publisher in Winston-Salem. Softcover, 238 pages, $19.95.

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