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Days to remember

Days to remember

Ben Moore and Todd Lake first met in the early 1990s, performing music at the University of Maine while learning to become teachers. Today, they live one mile apart, as the crow flies, north of Rutherfordton, so it wasn’t long before the two began strumming and singing together. The duo, both teachers in McDowell County, formed after Ben invited Todd to sing with him at a couple of weddings and funerals.  A variety of influences, including the music of James Taylor, John Denver, and Simon and Garfunkel, plus smooth harmonies and strong Christian faith, define their music. You can learn more about the duo on their website, They’ve recently released their first CD, “Days to Remember.” It offers 12 original songs. Titles include “Come On Home,” “The Road Ahead,” and “Seventies Song.” You can download each song for 99 cents, all songs for $9.99 or buy the CD for $13.99.

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