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North Carolina’s Barrier Islands

North Carolina’s Barrier Islands

From snow geese midflight to breathtaking vistas along otherworldly dunes, photographer and ecologist David Blevins shows the natural diversity of North Carolina’s coast in singular detail. Featuring more than 150 color images from Currituck Banks, the Cape Hatteras and Cape Lookout National Seashores and the islands of the southern coast, Blevins’ words and photos help reveal the natural character of these islands, the forces that shape them, and the sense of wonder they inspire. The state’s unique barrier islands have epic origins and are ever-changing places that face an uncertain future. “North Carolina’s Barrier Islands” is not only a collection of landscapes, wildlife and plants, but is also an appeal to conserve them. Hardcover, 200 pages, $35; e-book $34.99.


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