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The Bad Man

The Bad Man

Hitman Benjamin Franklin is a dedicated son, a collector of rare books and a consummate assassin. Together with his partner, Sam Sloane, Franklin takes out the enemies of Papa Theo, his mob boss, with the precision of a guided missile.

But what happens when a killer gains a conscience? After 10 years of murdering for money, Franklin decides it’s time to reshape his life, salvage whatever remains of his soul, and give his heart to new love Veronica Barile. He agrees to one more hit, which turns out to be the one man he trusts: his own partner, Sam Sloane. And Sloane is almost supernaturally talented at killing and far more skilled at gunplay.
The author is G. Warlock Vance, an English professor who lives in Asheboro and is a member of Randolph EMC. Published by Element 118 Books in Asheboro. Softcover, 257 pages, $9.99, print; Kindle, $6.99; Nook, $6.99.


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