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Take charge of your financial health

Make a New Year’s resolution to organize and protect your records

Do you call it dressing? Or stuffing?

The name of this traditional Thanksgiving dish can depend on where you live

Seniors on the road

It’s important to express your concern for their safety

Renters insurance

Policies protect possessions and provide peace of mind

Clearing out your closet clutter

Make a New Year’s resolution to get organized

Learning in Mexico

North Carolina health professionals visit Mexico to help address Latino health issues here

Fire safety

Does your family have an escape plan?

Dispelling common myths about CFLs

Efficient options include dimmers, new designs

A colorful roof for all seasons

Native mosses on this roof tolerate full sun, weather extremes and control storm water runoff

Cyber security

What you can do to protect your computer and your privacy

Gifts of efficiency

Energy-smart presents give all year long

Heat a room from the floor up

Uniform heat distribution is one advantage of under-floor radiant heating

Fright night

Don’t let electrical hazards haunt your Halloween

Precautions can prevent accidents

Don’t overlook dangers of common household appliances