Rethink the way you pay

Money-saving tactics help you get the best deal

Rethink the way you pay

Today’s consumers are finding new ways to get the goods and services they want. Using money-saving tactics, these shoppers are getting more for less, eliminating services they don’t need and using comparative shopping.

Here are some tips for savvy spending habits.

Cut insurance costs

No longer subjected to cookie-cutter insurance policies of old, more versatile options exist today, allowing you to name exactly what you need. The insurance industry is a prime example where you can carefully determine exact needs and compare prices online for the best provider. Websites that provide quick quotes include and

Switch to a no-contract wireless phone plan

Consumers who want lower cost service without long-term contract commitments are shifting from traditional postpaid contracts to no-contract wireless service providers. Cricket Wireless ( is among communications companies offering prepaid no-contract wireless plans. Switching to a no-contract plan can save up to half on your wireless phone bill (compared to a similar plan with a postpaid wireless service provider) while maintaining unlimited and nationwide service.

Test products before you buy

Have you ever bought a new product, such as cosmetics or skin care items, only to realize you don’t like it? That’s money wasted. Online services that list companies that will send you test-size product samples to try include and Also, some drugstore chains allow you to return personal care items like cosmetics (bring your receipt) for a refund. 

Scale back on entertainment spending

An evolution has occurred in the movie and music industry that can save you a lot of money. Instead of purchasing individual DVDs, Blu-rays or CDs, consider digital services such as Netflix or Hulu that provide access to thousands of movies at a relatively low monthly rate. In addition, downloading music to your phone through free apps, instead of streaming, won’t use up your data allotment.

Discount websites

Subscribing to discounted apparel and home decor website lists can keep you from overpaying at retail stores. From throw pillows to watches, sites like and provide some of the trendiest designer items for less. Websites like and allow you to quickly compare prices from dozens of stores for a specific item. Some sites such as also have timed sales for specific items. Taking 15 minutes to browse can equate to hundreds in savings.


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