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Past Photos of the Week

Every week we highlight another great submission from our annual photo contest

My grandfather, Sgt. Ray Jackson, salutes the flag on Ocean Isle Beach on Veteran’s Day. —Bailey Martin, Huntersville, Blue Ridge Energy
Robeson County’s large Native American population, called “Lumbees,” hold pow wows in the fall and the spring. The Lumbee tribe comes together to enjoy traditional dancing, music, food, crafts and stories. —Nancy Johnson, Lumberton, Lumbee River EMC
I like to grow perennials and I am partial to purple and pink colored flowers in my flowerbeds in Wesley Chapel. These are my calla lilies. —Karen Ledford, Waxhaw, Union Power
This past spring, a male and a female bluebird would stop by my garden to see what bugs were available for dinner. —Linda Sandbo, Morehead City
Nothing says Carolina Country like a Mimosa tree in the summer. I delight in the simple things, like bumble bees, Mimosa trees and nature at work. Nothing is finer than to be in Carolina! —Lynn McDonald, Shallotte, Brunswick EMC
This is a photo of my youngest granddaughter picking out a rose! I have titled it, “Take time to smell the roses.” —Rita Jones, Gastonia, Rutherford EMC
My wife, daughters and I planted some butterfly bushes a few years ago with the hopes of attracting butterflies to our backyard area—it worked! Here is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail enjoying one of our bushes. —Stacy Holloman, Seven Spring, Tri-County EMC
Walking the Cascade Falls Trail and I happened upon a grove of rare Lady’s Slipper. Later, I noticed another rare flower, Jack-in-the-pulpit. I was shocked to find so many beautiful flowers growing in one area. —Holly Groder, Carrollton, VA
Mimi, our 7-year-old boxer girl, enjoys a beautiful North Carolina afternoon. —Kathleen DeNike, Bolivia, Brunswick EMC
This Beaufort church is the beautiful backdrop to the Old Burying Grounds on Ann Street. In the 18th century, a little girl was buried on the grounds by her father. Some say that she plays in the graveyard at night. —Darlene Willis, Arapahoe, Tideland EMC
Our 14-year-old daughter, Claire, captured this moment of gentle inquisitiveness while out in the pasture. Such an idyllic scene—it seems to epitomize the simple pleasures of a Carolina Country life.—Claire Witmore, Pembroke, Lumbee River EMC
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