Zucchini Mania!

It’s everywhere in mid-summer, but it’s also delicious, nutritious and versatile.

By Carole Howell

Zucchini Mania!

Last year I planted only six zucchini seeds, but they grew faster than Jack's beanstalk. Anyone who has invited the bountiful zucchini into their garden knows that this vegetable seems to mature faster than you can harvest it. It's no wonder that August 8 is celebrated each year as "Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day."

As I filled my own crisper and freezer, carried them to work in grocery bags, and offered them to every neighbor walking by, I still struggled to find creative ways to use them.

Zucchini is abundant, delicious and nutritious, so it's a must for any summer garden. Just a few plants will give you plenty to both enjoy and share, and one large zucchini will make several meals.

It's a good thing that zucchini is so prolific, because it's so versatile. You can fry it, stuff it, grill it, bake it, add it to soups, spaghetti sauce and meatloaf. You can make sweet breads, cakes and cookies with it. You can make salads, or simply add it raw to a vegetable tray. Best of all, you can freeze it and enjoy it all winter long.

About the Author

Carole Howell is an independent writer and amateur muscadine grower in Lincoln County. You can read more about her at walkerbranchwrites.com

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