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Carolina People

People making a difference here at home

Andy Griffith: A Real Dad, Too

Dixie Griffith reflects on her childhood with America’s TV dad

Only Through Pain Do We Grow

Discomfort can lead to great things

This "Story" is All About Blue Crabs

Rebecca Story makes crabbing a family affair

Fishing, Paddling and Pot-bellied Pigs

Kelly McCoy is sharing her love of the river with the masses.

Coastal Jeweler Creates Wearable History

Sonia Humphrey fashions custom jewelry out of historical artifacts

Discerning Details in the Data

Derek Ellington is a master of digital sleuthing

Marine Art

by Corey Giesey

Crab Pot Christmas in July

Unique decorations are crafted ‘Down East’ year-round

The Compassionate Collector

Rodney Privette's hobby honors American heroes

Lessons from the ‘NC Tomato Man’

Craig LeHoullier has far-reaching influence in the world of tomatoes

The Little Beekeeper

Laylah Hunt is generating buzz over her honey and syrups.

Step Up to the Art-o-mat

Clark Whittington is making local art accessible

Chasing the Flag

Heath Trigg is fulfilling a dream at Heritage Flag Co.

Are Lady Bugs Invading Your Home?

These friends of your garden can be an indoor nuisance

Wake Electric Honors Local NASA Leader

James E. Webb laid the foundation for the moon landing