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Pinchbeck's Postcards

A collection of postcards send by Lumberton's Walter Pinchbeck

Travel through an adventure in postcards that Walter Pinchbeck sent to his family in Lumberton. Walter, whose parents were Cree, came to Pembroke in 1931 and began organizing Boy Scout troops in 1938. He was the superintendent of buildings for The University of North Carolina at Pembroke for many years.

"Saturday Chore" (New Mexico)

Golden Gate Bridge

State of California

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Golden Gate Bridge

"The Fabulous Jackalope" (Wyoming)

San Antonio, Texas

Livingston, Montana

Pinchbeck vest

More about Pinchbeck

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  • Walter was my Grandmothers eldest brother and I so enjoyed reading about him and his journeys:)

    Rhonda Johnson |
    March 15, 2022 |

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