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Regina is always there

For Nell Nolle, the right person at the right time

By Nell Nolle

Regina is always there

She is like a daughter to me.

Sometimes people go through life helping others without expecting recognition, and maybe never getting it either. I know such a person. Her name is Regina Thompson.

Regina came to Morehead City from Fayetteville and got a job at Carteret General Hospital. She has helped so many to get jobs at the hospital, and her suggestions for the hospital staff have made their jobs easier.

I am 86 years old. She watches over me and takes time to help me. All I have to do is call. A few years ago, I was in Jacob, Canada, at my granddaughter’s house and something went wrong. I was frightened and called Regina. She called the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in that area and got me help. They took care of me for three days, even though they didn’t know me, and then took me to the airport so I could come home. When I got off the plane, there was Regina with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I was so happy to see her.

She is like a daughter to me. She is very intelligent and can fix anything. Let her look at it, and she fixes it. And she is a wiz at computers. All I have to do is ask her and she figures it out.

Regina also helps her daughter and son and his beautiful children. I really don’t know what any of us would do without her. Her precious daughter has been in pain for 20 years. Her pain is so intense that sometimes medicine doesn’t help. But her mother takes care of her while working and helping everyone else.

At my age, with my children out of the area, I need someone to help me. The only thing I can do for Regina is to cook and bake and give something to her and her husband, John. I hope it helps to free her to do all the things she does for others.

Hurricane Irene in 2011 left their home in shambles and wiped out their possessions. They have been paying rent ever since. When they get enough money, they want to put the house up on stilts.

Through all of this, Regina thinks about other people and not her own problems and wants to know how she can help. If there were more people like Regina Thompson, this would be a better world.

About the Author

Nell Nolle lives in Newport.

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  • It's so wonderful when people give of themselves for each other. What a lovely account.

    JustSomeOldPerson |
    June 27, 2015 |

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