Hopefuls learn how to run a political campaign

Hopefuls learn how to run a political campaign
State Sen. Wesley Meredith of Fayetteville visited candidate training sessions run by the state’s electric cooperatives.

Potential candidates for elected office gathered to hear from seasoned political veterans about how to run an effective campaign at a forum hosted by North Carolina’s electric cooperatives and North Carolina’s credit unions. The schools were held in Hickory, Fayetteville and Rocky Mount in February for people considering a run for elected office as well as potential campaign volunteers. The electric cooperatives host the non-partisan schools as a way to help candidates run better organized campaigns while getting to know and educating future leaders in the community about cooperatives and their positive impact on the community.

Well-run campaigns do a better job of getting their message out to voters which aids the public in making better decisions about who to vote for. The Candidate Training Schools aim to assist potential candidates by discussing the key components of a successful campaign such as fundraising, messaging and getting your voters to the polls.

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