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How I healed

Rose Turner tells what happened after an auto accident left her paralyzed from the neck down.

How I healed
Left: I am grateful to be able to help take care of my mother, Marguerite Cowles (shown with her walker in June 2012).

Beverly and her husband had been my nurses in intensive care at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte after my automobile accident in 2005. When I saw them seven years later, Beverly exclaimed, "Rose Turner, you're supposed to be dead!" She could hardly believe I was alive.

On that fateful night of Oct. 29, 2005, a pickup truck turned directly in front of me and there was no room to stop. I felt my body go numb. My head hung forward until I couldn't breathe. A kind man came and held my head up until the ambulance came.

I was completely paralyzed from the neck down. After a time in intensive care and surgery to repair my neck, I was moved to the rehabilitation hospital. Gradually, with a lot of hard work, I regained some movement. The Lord increased my strength a little every day. "The legs and feet come first," they told me. "The arms and hands come last."

After six weeks, the doctors said I had reached a plateau, so after Christmas I was transferred to the rehab wing of Courtland Terrace in Gastonia. The therapy was not as intense, and the Lord continued to heal me. I regained limited use of my body.

When I left the nursing home at the end of February, I could walk but I could not use my arms and hands enough to feed myself or take care of my needs. A care-giver was hired, and home health sent therapists to work with me. Later I went to outpatient therapy.

Now nine years later, I can walk, feed myself and use my arms and hands in a limited way. The doctor said my spinal cord still has a large bruised area which will not heal any further, so this is why I do not have full range of motion in my arms and my hands are numb. I am thankful I have recovered sufficiently to help take care of my 99-year-old mother and to do things with my grandsons, Clinton, 11, and Wesley, 6.

It is all because of the grace of God that I am alive today. I thank him for restoring me to this level of recovery. He has been with me through difficult times, but his grace is sufficient for my every need.

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Rose Cowles Turner lives in Kings Mountain and is a member of Rutherford EMC.

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