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A Guest with Wings

A Guest with Wings
“It [the white dove] sat on my daughter the most while watching TV…”

When one gets old, your mind seems to remember and focus on things that happened many years ago more so than on the more recent things. Maybe it’s because you can’t do as much and have more time to reminisce.

Today I was thinking, as I have many times, about a strange and lovely visit our family had when my children were 18, 14 and 4 years old (45 years ago). We were sitting in the den that afternoon when a white dove flew to the door and acted like it wanted in. I opened the door and it came in and lit on the couch as if it belonged there and was used to it.

The bird became a regular guest. Such a friendly, loving and calm bird. When one of the children went through the house or outside, it would go with them. It would fly around them and alight on their shoulder or hand if they held it out to it. My older son would drive the garden tractor, his favorite pastime, and it would ride on his right shoulder. At night it would sleep on the curtain rod of the window behind the couch.

We grew fond of the dove. It sat on my daughter the most while watching TV as you see in the picture. She had a special way with animals. The dove would then go back to its chosen sleeping place each night.

After exactly six weeks with us, we were all in the backyard with it flying back and forward to each of us; it flew up on a limb of a dogwood tree in the yard for the first time and sat a few minutes. Then it flew away, never looking back even though we all were talking to it and calling for it to come back.

Naturally we were sad, but enjoyed its wonderful, friendly and loving visit. What sweet memories it gave us.

Rosita Jones, Dallas, a member of Rutherford EMC

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