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A New Road to Sunset Beach…

… or according to my Dad, a shorter way to a longtime favorite fishing hole. “Surf fishing diehards to the end” is an accurate description of my parents. Along with a few close friends, surf fishing was a way of life in the fall. We lived in Crescent Beach, South Carolina (today North Myrtle Beach), which made Sunset Beach a short drive away.

Dike work had been completed, creating what is today Twin Lakes. These dikes enabled the new road to Sunset Beach to become a reality. Taking a left at Bonaparte’s Landing, we would take a two-rut sandy path to the dikes and on to the cable-operated barge (bridge) to Sunset Beach. Having only the family car, Dad carried boards and a shovel for the sandy road. Upon meeting another vehicle, someone had to give (four-wheel drives were not so commonplace)! The boards had to be laid on the side of the road for us to move over as the other car passed. We would back up into the road, pick up our boards and continue down the road. We would do this as often as necessary. Everyone always pitched in to help, sometimes using their own boards. Passing was a friendly encounter!

Today at 65 years old, the wonderful memories of my Dad’s determination and love of fishing has stayed with me. What an adventure from the eyes of a 9-year-old boy!

Paul W. McCord, Millers Creek, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

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