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A Premonition Comes True

A Premonition Comes True

Althea Jones (right) with her sister, Wanda, in November 2008

One morning after breakfast, my husband mentioned he had a dream about a lady we picked up on the highway. He did not know who she was because her head was down and she wore a wide-brimmed hat. Excited, I asked if her voice was old or young. He replied the only thing she would say is “I’m so so tired.” I kept asking him, “who do you think it was or what does the dream mean?” He replied very seriously, “I think someone is going to go home with the Lord.”

Now this concerned me because mom had a pacemaker and recent hip surgery. Then I thought about my baby sister, Wanda, who had been in and out of the hospital in Rochester, New York. I booked a flight the week of Thanksgiving to fly up north. My niece, Lisa, picked me up at the airport and we went straight to her mom’s house (my older sister). A car was parked down the driveway right in front of the garage. Once inside I said hello to everyone, my mom, my sister and nieces; then, lo and behold, my baby sister came out of the back room near the back door. She said “Surprise!”

I dropped to my knees and said to myself, “Oh No! it was you in the dream with the wide brim hat.” I hugged her so hard and long until she laughed about me squeezing her so tight!

That was the last time I saw Wanda alive. She passed right before Christmas that same year. I enjoy this picture because we were able to share one last precious moment together.

Althea Jones, Stedman, member of South River EMC

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