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A Pup with a Past

A Pup with a Past

Many years ago, I married a bachelor preacher in West Jefferson. I was a widow with four children, and I needed help, love and sanity from a saint. The children ranged in age from two to 11 years old. We moved everything from home except our little dog, who stayed to keep grandmother company.

It wasn’t long until we realized the children were in need of a pet to help them make adjustments. My husband knew of a family that had acquired a litter of dogs that had belonged to a family in trouble with the law. The family had hurriedly departed, leaving their dogs behind with neighbors (members of our church).

The children loved one particular puppy with brown spots. They called him Fuzz because of his family’s “run in” with the police. We loved Fuzz. The church loved Fuzz, and the lady dogs loved Fuzz. 

Sometime during his dog teen years, Fuzz became acquainted with questionable characters. One of his exploits led him far away from home and church for six months.

One morning, our choir director saw Fuzz with this rough gang of dogs. She got ahold of him and called us to the shopping center to pick him up. He cried and howled, and we cried and howled. For the rest of his life he remained faithful. Now we know that even a dog needs a second chance.

Judy Morris, West Jefferson, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

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