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Birthday Porch Party

Birthday Porch Party

My old-timey 16th birthday party was on October 12, 1972. It was so much fun. My sisters, Nora M. Sasser and Eleanor M. Jordan, gave it for me. I am the baby of the family.

Nora and Eleanor cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. I am sure I had a cake, I just don’t remember what kind.

The picnic table was Daddy’s tobacco truck. At the party was all family. In the photo, that is me trying to dance with my dress flopping up. At the right of me is my cousin Pam Mitchell — don’t tell me she can’t do the “JERK.” Also in the picture were my two nephews, two nieces, my brother and my other cousins. I am not sure, but I think Daddy and Mama were in the house trying to escape the music (you know how old people are)!

I sure do appreciate my sisters giving me that 16th birthday party. Life was so simple then.

Doris Mitchell Burroughs, Mount Olive, a member of Tri-County EMC

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