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Easter picnic with family

Easter picnic with family

My memories of Easter Sunday take me back to my childhood days when Easter Sunday began with my family and me going to church early in the morning for a beautiful sunrise service. Later that same morning, we would come home and delve into an Easter basket filled with our favorite candies, and of course, a milk chocolate bunny.

I would always have a brand-new dress, hat and shoes to wear to Sunday school and church services later that day. One of my favorite things we did on Easter Sunday was to go to the local park by the Cape Fear River and have a wonderful picnic lunch with my family, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.

After eating ham, potato salad and other goodies, all of the kids would hunt for hidden Easter eggs that we had colored the previous day. We would then count the number of eggs each of us had found. The day ended with us playing games like hide-and-seek at the park and then going home to eat the rest of the goodies from our Easter baskets.

Debbie Radford, Stedman, South River EMC

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