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Getting in Stovewood, Together

On June 6, 1949, Kermit became a big brother. From that day, his little brother Allen and he have looked after each other.

A few years went by and Kermit, the more adventurous of the two, fell and broke his leg while climbing after some grapes in a tree. The following weeks and months led to a cast, which became very uncomfortable. As Kermit lay in the bed, Allen would stand straddling the casted leg and lift the leg by Kermit’s big toe, to relieve pressure, several times each day. It was a small gesture, but it was Allen’s way of helping big brother.

In their elementary school years, as part of their daily routines, Kermit and Allen split the slabwood in the woodshed and transferred it into the wood box on the back porch. The cut up wood could then be burned in the wood cook stove on which the family meals were prepared. Thus, they “got in the stovewood, together.”

Allen became the more academic one of the two. His interest in school grew. He went off to college and became a teacher. Kermit became more interested in the out-of-doors. His interest in the outdoors grew. He married Louise and became a farmer. Through the years, although their jobs often led them in different directions, they continued to be there for each other. They “got in stovewood” with each other, no matter what task lay before them.

Allen met a co-teacher, Samantha, and married. Kermit was his best man. After a few years, the lady passed away. As always, Kermit was right there to support Allen. They were always there to “get in stovewood” together.

Times have changed. The two brothers are retired. Allen is no longer teaching and Kermit is no longer farming. Allen lives in the mountains in Alleghany County, and Kermit lives a few miles away in a nearby county with Louise, enjoying his children and grandchildren.

But almost every night, they call “just to check” on one another. So   in a different way, they are still “getting in stovewood” every evening, together.

Allen Wood, Sparta, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

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