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Grandma Jessup’s kitchen

Grandma Jessup’s kitchen
I was about 4 when I decided to help myself to my grandmother’s cupboard.

I remember the love and care I had from my Grandma Jessup. In her kitchen at her wood cookstove, she would cook chicken and dumplings, peas, pintos, potatoes and, of course, those choked-off handmade biscuits. There was always food in her cupboard, and everyone in the family would help themselves.

One day, Mama and Grandma were sewing, making me clothes. I decided not to bother them. I guess I was 4 or so. I opened the doors on the bottom and top cupboard, stepped on the bottom shelf and was going to pull myself up to get something to eat. Well, that cupboard fell right over on top of me. Pintos and food all in my face. They ran to the kitchen to pick it up off me. They laughed after they found out I wasn't hurt. I was flat on my back holding it up off me.

Glynis Sawyers, Pilot Mountain, Surry-Yadkin EMC

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