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Granny’s prize

Granny’s prize

My Granny, Destie Bare McGuire, was born in a two-room log cabin on the New River of Ashe County in 1921. Granny has a great memory. She loves to tell stories about her long, interesting life, and I love to hear them. One of my favorites is the story of her New Testament Bible. On November 3, 1931, Granny won a spelling bee at her school in Jefferson. She admits that she benefited from reading her teacher's lips as she silently spoke the letters. Her prize for winning was a small, black New Testament Bible.

Years later, my late grandfather, H.R. McGuire, took the Bible with him when he went to serve our country in World War II. He carried the Bible over his heart in a shirt pocket for the duration of his time in the Navy. Thankfully, the Bible and my grandfather returned home safely after brave service.

Granny still has the Bible, and she loves to show it off and proudly tell the story.

R. Blair Bryant, Granite Falls, Blue Ridge EMC

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