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Huntin’ wabbits

Many parents struggle with getting their young children to eat healthy foods. Praise to those, such as my grandparents, for being understanding and creative.

I was 5 and disliked eating fruits and veggies. One of those was apple slices. My grandmother, Irene, would slice an apple into long pieces. While the adults were sitting at the table, I would hide underneath, playing Bugs Bunny, while my grandmother would be Elmer Fudd.

Elmer would try and set traps with the apples, which I pretended were carrots, of course. We would play until all my “carrots” were eaten. This meant multiple traps, and Bugs would try outwitting Elmer. My whole family played along.

If someone came over to visit and asked what was going on, the response was simple. Irene would say, “Shh! I’m huntin’ wabbits,” followed by the distinct Elmer Fudd giggle. I learned a great deal from her.

When there is a challenge as a parent, it’s up to you how to cope or handle the situation. Sometimes, you have to dig deep into your soul for the patience and understanding it takes to be a good mother.

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