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Keeping the faith

Keeping the faith
Our parents made us go to church Sundays where we learned to keep the faith.

I remember back in the 1950s when I was a little boy we used to work in the fields. We chopped peanuts, picked cotton, gathered corn, picked cucumbers, all for $2.50 per day, four to five days a week. On Sunday our mother and father would make us go to church. No matter how little we had, we gave God the praise because he is in charge of everything.

We lived in a house on the farm, and back then they called it share-cropping. We share-cropped all right. We worked in those fields from sun up to sun down — eight of us, and I was the youngest. At the end of the year at Christmastime, the landlord told my parents that they didn't make any money but he would loan us $100 that we had to pay back. So you see, it was a hard time, but our parents told us to keep on praying, that it won't be long this way, and don't give up. I thank God for our parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jones. They were right.

And I thank God today that we kept the faith. He brought us a mighty, mighty long way. And we are still praying, because I know that it won't be this way always.

Glennett Jones, Windsor, Roanoke Electric Cooperative

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