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Less than Merry Christmas

We were all somewhere around 10 to 12 years old. The preacher’s wife at Fair Bluff Baptist Church decided that the youth group was to provide a Christmas play for the church members.

Our mothers, especially mine, were adamant about our participation in the production. As I was traumatized, my memory of the affair has remained implanted later with distinct clarity. Fully in a state of puberty, I, Ray and Randy were chosen as the Magi who were to visit the baby.

We were given girls’ tights and a silky looking blouse as our costumes which... revealed the young male anatomy.

We were given girls’ tights and a silky looking blouse as our costumes, which still resembled some Shakespearean character’s dress and, well, revealed the young male anatomy. I refused the public display of such self-conscious, revealing and feminine attire with a vengeance and garnered support from the other two cast members.

To cover the lower parts of our bodies, we were given a skirt that provided privacy over the tights, yet rendered more the appearance of a ballerina. We regarded the compromise in the more acceptable attire at least somewhat a victory and were thankful that we were not put on display as Michelangelo’s “Statue of David.”

David Small, Fair Bluff, a member of Brunswick Electric

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