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Louey attends a funeral

Louey, our 10-year-old yellow lab, knew and loved our Nannie. She had lived with us in the First Baptist Parsonage of West Jefferson for a period of time and was grandmother to our four children. This beautiful dog adored her and conversed with her in his own language.

When Nannie died, our family, church members and neighbors came by the parsonage to console us in our sorrow. The boys walked down the street to the church to attend the funeral service. Louey walked with them and entered the church. He walked straight down the aisle to the casket, where he stopped and looked at Nannie in a very affectionate manner. Then he turned, walked back up the aisle, and went home. He didn’t bother anyone or bark at anything.

It was Louey’s special good-bye to his Nannie, like a Walt Disney movie character coming to life. He had a job to do, and he was pleased to be able to say his good-byes.

Judy Morris, West Jefferson, Blue Ridge Electric

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