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Mama at Easter

My Mama's favorite time of the year was spring, and her favorite holiday was Easter. She always made sure on Easter Sunday that my brother and I had a new Sunday-go-to-meetin' outfit. My Easter dress had to be the prettiest dress she could find in pastel colors of pink, lavender or mint green. She would finish the outfit with lacey socks, white patent leather Mary Janes, and a hat with a little elastic band that hooked under my chin. My brother was suited in a sharp suit with a bowtie to match.

The Easter Bunny brought us a basket wrapped with a bright cello wrap of pink, purple or yellow and topped with a big bow. Inside the basket would be a soft stuffed animal and a chocolate bunny.

I was 38 when the Easter Bunny brought my last basket. It was the spring of the year that Mama went to heaven. Every Easter I think of her and how she loved this time of year and the sweet memories that she left me with.

Kitty Hilton, Mocksville, EnergyUnited

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