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Mom's clean sheets

When I was growing up, my fondest memory of springtime was my Mom coming into my room every Saturday morning (at what seemed to be the crack of dawn to a 6-year-old) to strip the bed and do the laundry. She did this until the day I grew up and moved out. She would wash the sheets and blankets but never put them in the dryer. The freshly washed bedding would always be hung out on the clothesline in our backyard to dry.

After bath time, when I would go to bed at night, my whole room smelled so fresh and clean. I asked her why it always smelled so good. She would say, "Mother Nature and God have blown away all the worries and troubles, and now you can start over with fresh dreams and hopes."

I lost my Mom this past October, but when I go to bed on freshly washed sheets, I always think of her.

Kathy Omasta, Wake Forest, Wake Electric

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