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Mrs. Bill’s sewing

Mrs. Bill’s sewing
My mother-in-law and her quilt.

I married a man raised on a farm in Fayetteville. His mother had 10 children. Besides raising vegetables and other crops, they raised pigs, cows and chickens. This provided the family with a lot of feedbags. These were used for clothes, quilts and other household items. My mother-in-law, Mrs. Bill, always wore dresses and aprons made from the printed bags. She made underwear from the white bags.

By1956, we had three daughters and one son. Mrs. Bill was generous with what she had and would share food from her garden. She also shared her leftover printed feed bags which were suitable for children's clothes. This was very helpful to us with a growing family.

In 1977, Mrs. Bill passed away at the age of 89 years. A quilt top she made from scraps left over from sewing clothes was given to me. One February winter day, my husband and I quilted the top on the kitchen table. I used a soft backing and made double bias from the same material. My husband helping me with the quilting made it more precious to me. It did not matter that his stitches were larger than mine.

Mary F. Bill, Fayetteville, South River EMC

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